Tuesday, November 2, 2010


i haven't been in the best of moods lately.  not that i didn't have a great time at home, or when kat was here, but something has been bugging me for the past two weeks.  i haven't really worked out since two days before ernest left, and i think it's beginning to make me unhappy.  my sleep schedule has also been messed up and i haven't been eating very well.  basically i'm sabotaging my body and it, in turn, is affecting my mood.

at least i know what is bothering me, right?

i need to do something that makes me happy (other than working out, sleeping and eating well), but i just can't think of what.  at least thanksgiving is coming up, so i'll get to spend more than 48 hours at home (actually it was more like 44, haha) and i'll get some much-needed shopping in, plus some girl-time with my sisters, cousins and two of my cheer girls!

maybe this weekend i'll get some good sleep and workouts in.  i'm also thinking about going to the mall if i have a little extra cash after i pay my bills (bye bye paycheck).  not that it's cold enough (i swear it was like, 80 degrees this morning), but i want some fall/winter clothes aaaaaand some holiday music.  :-)

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