Wednesday, November 17, 2010

are there more of you??

my "little sister" kat and i had the best time when she came to visit new orleans, late last month.  she arrived on a friday morning, and i took most of that day off.  i picked her up from the airport and we decided to head straight downtown.  it was close to lunchtime and we were both fairly hungry, so we parked by the shops at canal and walked over to landry's on decatur.

i didn't really do my research on landry's and so didn't know that their prices were so high.  kat and i decided to split an appetizer and an entre and that ended up working out pretty well for us.  we had spinach, artichoke and crawfish dip with tortilla chips for our appetizer and a juicy burger for our entre.  i have to say, the dip was pretty delicious and i would be more than willing to go there again, perhaps for a date night?  kat and i also took a quick look at the dessert tray, and probably would've ordered something off of there if we weren't already planning on going to cafe du mond.

after lunch we did a little shopping at urban outfitters and few other boutiques on the way to the french market.  we also walked by and then right into a frozen yogurt shop.  we couldn't help ourselves.  i had never had frozen yogurt before, so we decided we had to get some then and there.  i got peach and pomegranate with pineapple, kiwi and gummi bears.  it was so good!  i might have a new obsession.

my first frozen yogurt, ever!

we finally made it to the french market, and walked around.  i mostly browsed, while keeping an eye out for books and kat actually shopped.  she made a couple of purchases and then we decided to head back towards cafe du mond for our beignets.  i talked her into ordering a frozen cafe au lait, and we split an order of three beignettes.  as always, they were delicious.  we had a little fun trying to keep ourselves from getting covered in powder, but as you can see, my phone did not fare so well.

beignets and powdered sugar for later??

trying really hard not to get powdered sugar on herself and sitting at cafe du mond.

me in front of the cathedral and juxtaposition of old and new nola.

after getting beignettes we walked towards the cathedral and looked at some of the art.  we made a last minute decision to head down to bourbon street for a hand-grenade, as i told kat she HAD to have one.  as we were walking down bourbon, on our hunt for a hand-grenade, we somehow talked into going into a bar i had never been into, which was pretty nice.  the bartender made us his specialty drink, and then asked us if we were sisters and were there more of us?  sisters?  mom?  haha, it was pretty funny, and definitely an interesting detour for kat and i.  we left that bar after a few minutes and headed to my normal hand-grenade spot.  we decided to split one, since we both already had large drinks.  we drank them on the way to our car, taking detours here and there to go into bars and watch drunk, middle-aged, musically challenged people dance.  it was really entertaining!

we have no idea what was in those cups, but it tasted yummy.  on the balcony at the bourbon street blues company bar.

kat on bourbon right after we got a "citation" for not having enough fun and big/lil pic!

finally, we decided to head home, but once we got near my car, i realized i needed to use the lady's room.  so, we headed into the shops at canal and much to my surprise they recently opened an anthropologie there!  we decided to grab a quick snack at the food court and look around anthropologie for a little while.  after about an hour or so, we headed home, decided to stay in for the night, watched some episodes of bones on netflix and ordered in pizza and wings.  my fave!

saturday morning we woke up and i made us a yummy breakfast.  we contemplated going to a plantation, but it closed earlier than we expected so we ended up just going to oktoberfest instead.  we had a couple of beers and some yummy sausage, listened to some music and watched a bit of the LSU game.  afterwards we decided to stop by target, which was an adventure, and we loaded our basket with a bunch of things we probably didn't need (like christmas movies and champagne).  we did takeout chinese that night, which was yummy, as always, and watched more bones on netflix (sensing a trend, yet?).

the only beer kat's ever "liked" and our beers in their flashing light steins.

cutest baby/toddler halloween costumes ever!!

all the junk we bought and riley in his little king costume!

mmm...chinese food.

on sunday kat wanted to meet up with some people she knows, so we headed back downtown and walked the french market again.  i think i had a sign on my back that said, please mess with me, because all of the street performers we saw that day, totally did mess with me.  the first one was a balloon man, who kat told to make me something embarassing.  he made me a clown nose.  nice.  then, one of the statue-men decided it would be a good idea to walk quietly up behind me, and then scream in my ear.  that was fun.  the third guy was also a statue-man.  he gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked could we please go to the chapel and get married?  really???  and finally, the magician, who made me his assistant.  that one was actually fun, since he was pretty good at his magic.  kat and i decided to have dinner downtown, and bubba gump was where we ended up going.  we both had really yummy shrimp, and then headed back home to veg out our food coma on the couch, watching (say it with me now) more bones.

you know how some people hate clowns???  well, that's how i now feel about street performers!!

i did work full days on monday and tuesday, mainly because the holidays are coming up and i just can't afford to be off.  after i got home on monday, kat and i went to dinner at a local seafood restaurant.  again we ordered a lot of food we couldn't finish.  i think we had salads, mardi gras rolls, hush puppies and a fried seafood platter.  all of which we shared.  very, very delicious, and also very heavy.  which is probably why we both passed out as soon as we got home and sat down to watch MORE BONES!

salad, fried seafood platter, mardi gras rolls and hush puppies at zyedeco's.  so yummy!

the whole time kat was here she kept saying we had to get fried alligator.  so on tuesday after work i took her to a restaurant downtown i knew had some.  mulate's was awesome.  it's got a truly southern, barn dance vibe.  there's actually a dance floor in the center and a live band every night.  we decided the best thing to do would be to order the fried alligator appetizer and some gumbo to start and then share the cajun bbq ribs and fries as our entre.  it was all so delicious, i honestly cannot wait to drag ernest out there when he comes home!

mulate's southern cooking, yum and kat's first bowl of seafood gumbo, ever.

pure sugar cane abita root beer, delish!  and fried alligator.

cajun bbq ribs and fries and two glasses of champagne.

after dinner we went back home and poured some champagne kat made us buy.  haha, we probably had about two sips of our glasses before we passed out on the couches.  kat flew back to san diego early the next morning and i was sad to see her go.  we had a good visit and ate lots of food and watched LOTS of bones!  

kat has an internship next spring in the florida keys as the assistant to a dolphin trainer.  i'm planning on making a trip to visit her, i think we'd have a lot of fun!  i miss my "little sister" and all of my's good to have these vacations with them!

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