Friday, October 29, 2010

it's friday!

oh god, y'all.  is it friday already!?  i kinda feel like this week flew by.  i'm not complaining though!  whatever it takes to get to december quicker, so my honey can come home!  anyway, today i am thankful for...

1.  checking in online.  already got my boarding passes printed for my flight home tomorrow!  yay!

2.  chucks.  so comfy and i can't believe i forgot how cute they are with boot-cut jeans.

3.  free downloads from starbucks.  so far i haven't been disappointed.

4.  netflix.  i just finished season one of bones and started season two last night!  (thanks honey for hooking me up while you're gone!)

5.  HALLOWEENIE!!!!!!  i'll be posting up pix of previous halloween celebrations at some point this weekend...and maybe a glimpse of my costume?  whatever that may be!  ;-)

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