Friday, June 4, 2010


a more in depth post shall follow soon, but i wanted to quickly jot down some of the highlights of our first annual psi+pseudo+other reunion:

1.  twist off champagne.  yummy.
2.  our first official outing was to bargain world to get:
3.  matching t-shirts (tie-dye).
4.  lotsaritas that were lotsa fun.  and taco tim.  who was never there when we needed him.
5.  wearing said matching t-shirts to disney.
6.  getting rained on while riding thunder mountain, yay!
7.  almost dying on the highway, while our taxi driver talked on the phone and wrote down his next destination AT THE SAME TIME.
8.  bohaimidi.
9.  kim's awesome impression of king julien from madagascar.
10.  howling at the moon.

and last, but not least, danielle and kim made up a song about me, which i LOVE!

pictures, videos etc. to come soon!

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