Wednesday, April 7, 2010

today's faves.

A few weeks ago I started hitting the Next Blog button at the top of my blog. I came across several very interesting blogs, some of which I now follow. One was Ashley Cauthen's blog have heart. She did a list of her favorites and invited readers to do a list of theirs. So, that being said, here is my list of favorites (which are subject to change, pretty much hourly).

My favorite letter is L.
My favorite number is six.
My favorite color is yellow.
My favorite flowers are lilies & irises.
My favorite place is the beach (or the softball field).
My favorite animals are horses.
My favorite smell is spring/summer rain.
My favorite season is summer.
My favorite food is BBQ.
My favorite show is NCIS.
My favorite candies are Godiva milk chocolates w/caramel.
My favorite movie is The Notebook.
My favorite time is 5:00 somewhere.
My favorite band is Lady Antebellum.
My favorite drink is sweet tea.
My favorite book is Persuasion.
My favorite word is besos.
My favorite thing is my camera.

1 comment:

Ashley Cauthen said...

I loved reading this. SO glad you played along :)
besos-kisses. mmm the best :)