Thursday, April 29, 2010

nyc or bust.

i'm missing the northeast, a lot. 

don't get me wrong.  i love the south.  i am a southern girl, born and raised.  home to me is hot, hot summers, sweet iced tea, flip flops year-round, acres upon acres of wildflowers, hill country.  all that and more.

but lately all i can think about is the area our old apartment used to be in.  it was sooooo green!  and there were good pubs, with good beer.  i miss the history of it all.  walking through old city in philadelphia.  riding the subway and bodegas and good pizza in nyc.  and just the sheer beauty of our nation's capital.

hopefully the honey and i will be taking a trip to nyc during christmastime.  my goal is to see the big christmas tree in front of the rockefeller center.  we've been to nyc in the summertime, but we've never really been during the winter, and especially not when it's all done up for christmas. 

maybe it's because that's where i feel like i grew up.  maybe because so many of my friends live up there.  maybe, just maybe i actually like snow.  i don't know what it is, but it sure is a strong feeling, because i gave up taking a trip to HAWAII to go to nyc.

am i crazy!?

honey.  statue of liberty gift shop.  photo by me.  2008.
my sister.  the rockstar.  waiting for the nj ferry.  photo by me.  2008.

my sister.  the model.  in chinatown.  photo by me.  2008.

my gorgeous sisters.  outside grand central station.  photo by me.  2008.

me and the honey.  rockefeller.  photo by future mom-in-law.  2009.

me and honey.  empire state building.  photo by honey.  2009.

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