Wednesday, April 7, 2010

just beachy...

i love the beach. i'm definintely one of those people who could live in a coastal area and never get tired of it. i'm a sun-baby, born in the summer, and i like to think that has a lot to do with how much i love the combination of sun and sand.

last thursday ernest sent me a random text asking me if i wanted to go to the beach. i, of course, happily answered yes! and began asking all sorts of questions such as, "when? where? with whom?" slowly my mind began churning around this plan and as i realized what day thursday was, i began to mistrust my instincts to jump for joy that i could be a beach bum over easter weekend. as y'all know, last thursday was april fools day. i for one, do NOT like to be fooled, especially by someone who knows i'd trust him if he said the sky was green and grass was blue, and especially about going to the beach.

i quickly sent ernest a text stating that if he were april "foolsing" me, i would not be a happy camper. he laughed it off and said he hadn't even thought about that, but that he was completely serious about taking me to the beach.

did i mention i love this man?

we did, indeed, head to the beach on saturday, a little later than i would've liked considering we had to drive 3 hours to get there. it was nice and relaxing and just super-awesome to be spending some quality time with my honey. unfortunately, the beach we chose was not pet-friendly, which we did not think to check before we left (too caught up in the bliss, i suppose) so our pup had to stay in the car. this made me very sad, so we only stayed on the beach about an hour or two. just enough to soak up the last of the sun and enjoy the beauty around us. ernest had a little picnic dinner while i walked riley around the parking area.

it was awesome! i'd do it again in a heartbeat and no doubt will be doing it again soon, if my honey gives in. we'll just have to find a beach that is pet-friendly, or maybe ask a friend to watch riley (i'm even open to boarding him so we can stay overnight!).

we went to: gulfshores, alabama.
yay, i love my new camera!

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