Thursday, April 22, 2010

american honey ham.

when i was three years old, my mother came up with the brilliant idea to put me in dance classes.  and thereby is to blame for my obsession with being the center of attention.  there are videos of me just hamming it up for the video camera when i was just a wee tot.  pictures of me cheesing.  and i've always been a bit melodramatic (my mom says all of her girls have.  must be the contreras curse, hehe.) 

of course, i've also had my shy moments and therefore never took my obsession to the level of my dreams, but i still deep down in my heart would love love love to go there. 

if i was a braver person, i'd pack up and move to nashville and try my hand at country music.  because i love to sing and i love country.  there's something so soulful and comforting about good country music.  i've been dying to learn how to play the guitar.  because i wouldn't want to be a musician, without knowing how to play an instrument.

hmmmm...considering my current lack of direction, and my upcoming trip to nashville for CMA fest, maybe i should take this dream a little more seriously. 

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