Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a very nola weekend

my best friend danielle came to visit us this weekend, and we had a pretty awesome weekend. she arrived on saturday afternoon, and as soon as we had made our way back to mine and ernest's apartment, we went to an early dinner at zydeco's. it's a quaint little seafood restaurant, that is very mom and pop, but makes deelish fried catfish and bayou rolls (made with crab meat). i wish i had thought to take a pic of us grubbin', but because i was devastated over the loss of my charger for my digital camera, i didn't even think about the fact that my phone takes pictures (uh, duh!).

then we went back to the apartment, and played wii for a little while (haha). we decided that night would be the best to take the besty out for her first bourbon street experience. my honey volunteered to be DD (don't leave home w/o one!) leaving besty and i to be as wild and crazy as we wanted. besty's boyfriend informed her she HAD to try two things: a hand grenade and a hurricane. so, as soon as we got there, we went straight for the hand grenades! ordinarily, i would shy away from those, because i am not trying to be the screaming sorority girl, crying on the stairs of the frat house, but this was a special occasion! after we were done with those, we were on a mission to find hurricanes...and dance! it was a great night, and definitely one i needed, with my best friend.

on sunday, honey and i decided to take besty out to cafe du monde and the french market area. i love love love cafe du monde! and i'm pretty sure the besty loved it, too. it was a beautiful day, very warm, and perfect for people watching (which you better believe besty and i did). we had beignets and besty and i had frozen cafe au lait, while honey had iced coffee. yum! the french market was packed, and i was so amazed by all the people there, because the last time honey and i had gone, it was a weekday and so the area was pretty quiet. i really, really wanted roasted corn, but i am so impatient and i just got frustrated with waiting! after that we went out to dinner at copeland's, a great family restaurant.

on monday, i worked a half day, and then besty and honey met me for lunch. afterwards, the besty and i went shopping and had some serious girl time. i definitely needed that and i'm glad she was the one i got some with.

we were going to do boiled crawfish for dinner, but couldn't find any, so i picked up 3 boudin links instead and made the besty try it. she liked it, but probably would never choose it as a meal or snack ever in her life. then we watched couples retreat and i kinda loved it. it was definitely funny.

all in all, it was a great visit, and i'm so glad that i get to see her again in a few weeks when she and i and our 5 bestest friends meet up in orlando for a girls weekend, may 30th!

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Rinna said...

Sister, your camera charger is at our house :)