Wednesday, June 10, 2009

silly conversations with my momma...

so, I'm driving home from work yesterday, and I'm talking to my Mom. we're talking about pretty much everything and I mention how excited I am to be going to NYC soon. all of a sudden she takes this huge breath (which scares the crap out of me) and we have the following conversation:

Mom: "Candice Crystal!"
Me (note that my first and middle names together usually mean I'm in trouble): "What!?"
Mom: If you see Robert Pattinson when you are in NY you better bonk him over the head, put him in your trunk and send him to me!"
Me: "Moooooom, you're ridiculous. I am not going to jail so that you can lock a completely unattractive and way younger guy in your closet." ( I believe I said something to this effect)
Mom: "I'll tell them I did it." (also note that while my Mom and I do look alike, I am tan and she is not)
Me: "You're crazy."

our conversations generally run this way. I point out she's crazy or she points out I'm silly.

another funny conversation we had as a whole family...Casee calls me around 9:30 pm EST and is cracking up laughing because Ernest keeps interrupting our conversation before she can tell me what she's calling me for. she finally asks me what she called to ask me and the following conversation takes place between all 5 of us, with Ernest as a innocent bystander:

Me: "What's your question?"
Casee (with Corinne giggling in the background): "When you get spyware on your computer, does that mean whoever put it there can see you?"
Me (cracking up and thinking this is totally a 'Casee-question'): "No! spyware allows people to see what's ON your computer! Not physically see you!"
Casee (giggling like crazy with Corinne): "Because Mom said..." you get the point...
Me (laughing uncontrollably and trying to relay this conversation to Ernest): "Baaaaabe...Mom said..." again you get the point...
Casee: "Dad is rolling on the floor laughing at you trying to tell Ernest about what Mom said!!!"
Mom: "Uh huh, yes they can! That's why it's called spyware, they can see you!"

pretty much we laughed for about another 10 minutes and then I went to sleep.

the woman is HILARIOUS.

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