Tuesday, March 25, 2008


it happens to the best of us. i sometimes feel as though i never even got rid of it after senior year of high school. man, those were the good ole' days, when mom would let me stay home from school just because i hated it so much. or to go prom dress shopping. now, if i miss class, i'm like 200 pages behind and just adding on to the stress. it's hard to care when i'm sooooooo tired of the same stuff all the time. who knew being an english major would be so repetitive? i can't help that i need some excitement. at this point, even my job is more exciting than sitting in class.

and, let's be honest, i don't even like my job. i mean, it would be much cooler if i actually got to interact with people other than on the phone. oh, and a window or two wouldn't hurt either. yesterday was pretty cool. it was the first time i got to do the new hire orientation on my own and it was fun. a little nervous at first, but by the time i started talking i was fine. :-)

so mom just told me that certain people seem to be concerned w/ernest and i living together. this makes me laugh. ernest and i are probably the two least likely people to be worried about. i find it interesting that people would be concerned about the girl that left home, went to college 2000 miles away, attended one of the best universities in the country, and plans on being very important one day. to me, college was just a stepping stone to the rest of my life. and the rest of my life just happens to include a guy that has been more than my best friend. he's my family. and while he'll never take the place of my sisters or my parents, he's such a happy addition to that part of my life that i can't imagine us not "making it".

not very many people know this about ernest, but he's probably more driven than i am. he's incredibly intelligent, although he likes to pretend he's not, and sometimes surprises me with the way his mind works. where i have a creative mind, he has one that puts things into the clearest perspective. where i think broadly and have a hard time latching onto one thought, he thinks critically.

and, again, let's be honest. he is the reason i'm so bored here. i'm way too excited to start a life with him. i know that living with him will be the best decision i make in my life because, although my parents are good motivators, he's the one that really pushes me to be independent. we all know living at home does no good for anyone, unless your parents are completely uninvolved in your life. which wouldn't happen at my house, because we care too much for each other. no, i need to continue to spread my wings and stay away from home for a while. and where better than with someone my parents know will watch out for me and encourage me to be more than anyone expects?

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